Best Flip Sleeper Chairs Review 2020

Without a shadow of doubt, these artisan chairs are filling the void of beds as they dexterously transform into flat mattresses, offering sturdy support and extreme comfort, owing to their dual function.

Therefore, the next time you have unexpected guests at your doorsteps or looking forward for a crazy friend’s sleepover or planning for camping or summer picnic getaway or even if you have moved to a studio apartment, just sit back and relax!

A great night’s sleep is awaiting you!

So, go and grab your hands-without spending a fortune, in any of the finest and ground-breaking sleeper chairs mentioned below:

#1.Cortesi Chair Futon

Cortesi Chair Futon

Cortesi Chair Futon 2

This 58 pounds Savion chair with a metal frame and a high density foamed-cushion can rightly be called a paragon of elegance.

This dual function will instantly be your favorite seat at home during day as well as night as it transforms into a cozy sleeping spot which is far better than any air mattress.

This convertible space-saving couch of size 34W x 36D x 31H inches, seat height 16 inches and bed of 34W x 78L x 10.5H inches is certainly a savior to deal with the unexpected arrival of guests for overnight stays and wins hands down as the ultimate in storage solutions.

The product is accompanied with a matching accent pillow and finished with a pewter metal base. Without a shred of doubt, it is the ideal way out to upgrade your home as proved by its prominent favorable ratings.

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#2. Emily Leather Chaise Lounger

 Emily Leather Chaise Lounger

Emily Leather Chaise Lounger 2

Have to deal with the ordeal of unexpected guests’ arrival who need a place to crash or want to have an amazing sleepover? No worries! Go for the very cozy DHP Emily Chaise Lounger that complements perfectly in small settings.

The easily convertible 61.5 x 30 x 32.5 inches recliner weighing 600 pounds is available in multiple colors. With its tufted synthetic leather, sophisticated chrome legs and linen upholstery, you cannot help yourself but discard your old air mattress and snuggle up on a bed that enhances the contemporary look of any room decor.

Also, the lounger comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that your investment will last forever.

Hence the opportunity of choosing this Chaise Lounger must not be missed as Jackie quotes, “I couldn’t have picked a better and cheaper option.”

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#3. Fresh Futon Nido

 Fresh Futon Nido

 Fresh Futon Nido 2

If you need a soft cradle of comfort to rest your exhausted body as you watch your favorites TV program, then this 23 pounds convertible chair and bed mattress is the ultimate solution.

You will literally cherish the lounging capabilities of this versatile and well-made furniture from the bottom of your heart, the marrow of your bones! Available in a wide array of 9 colors, this futon constitutes of an attractive semi-circular multi-purpose mattress made in USA with product dimensions of 67 x 34 x 28 inches. This bright and functional futon also stole the honor of the 2009 “best product” innovation cup.

Majority of the buyers like Ellan Romano, J. Vicky Wysocki e.t.c. have expressed deep contentment owing to its well-constructed, cozy, sturdy, and compact nature.

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#4. Sweet Seat

Sweet Seat

Sweet Seat 2

All set for traveling?

Wondering for the most portable options of a couch cum standard-sized bed?

CordaRoy’s Eggplant Chenille Convertible BeanBag Chair is without any shadow of doubt the unbeatable option for you.

It comes with a full-fledged chair and bed cover which is easy to change, wash and dry alongside life-time guarantee.

This 34 pounds and 42 x 42 x 32 inches bag is manufactured in 5 sizes; Youth, Full, Queen, King and the ultimate King Sofa (having 2 foam mattresses) with ultra-fine and environmental-friendly CertiPur foam stocked inside.

The product also received stellar reviews from customers like Robin R who described it as “perfect extra bed for guests” and Marianne Meade who stated that “I give it 10 Thumbs Up”.

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#5. Beanbag Sleeper Chair

 Beanbag Sleeper Chair

Glantex a la mode couch cum bed cum lounge chair will veraciously make you fall in love with it, the very time your eyes rest on it.

Its notable features include easy folding, luxuriate adjust ability, unceasing comfort, long usage life and cent percent satisfaction guaranteed.

You can conveniently adjust the backrest in 4, and footrest in any of the 5 positions you desire. Hence, it is a perfect choice for floor use, playing games, lounging or reading.

The product weighs 17 pounds with overall dimensions of 21.6 x 68.9 x 8.6 inches. It constitutes of Faux Suede and Sponge material and comes with an iron pipe, steel frame and a free cushion to add to the durability and comfort leaving the buyers genuinely delighted.

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#6. Benny Cotton Chair Bed

Benny Cotton Chair Bed

Benny Cotton Chair Bed 2

This epic piece of furnishing weighing 21 pounds is 100% made of Polyester in U.S.A and covered by solid colored fabric.

Beyond just providing you a perfect couch of 30 x 32 x 12 inches during day, it serves as an ideal bed with a pillow of 70 x 32 x 6 inches at night- that is insanely easy to fold and unfold.

They are incredibly handy and multi-functional. Be it camping, lounging, resting, reading or playing in your guest room, living room, family room, boat, picnic, patio, studio, RV Trailer, mini van, truck or mobile home.

You can use it anyway, anywhere! In addition, the product has received tremendous admiration from innumerable consumers. Rest assured, they will leave you wondering that how you ever survived without them!

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#7. Zipline Sleeper Chair

Zipline Sleeper Chair

Zipline Sleeper Chair 2

If you are on a hunt for a perfect lounging or gaming encounter coupled with a quality mattress, then Best Choice Floor Cushion is here to give you a relishing experience.

This multi-positioning convertible chair adjusts to 14 different positions allowing you to sit, relax, recline or even lay.

Unbelievable! No?

It is made of chopped memory foam blend with flat dimensions of 40 x 21 x 4 inches and folded dimensions of 24 x 21 x 19 inches.

This 10.6 pounds seat is available in 8 striking colors just for $59 and eliminates the hassle of assembly.

The product has received an overwhelming response from buyers. For instance, J. Kim claimed that, “it far exceeded my expectations” and Roberta stated, “Kids fought over who got to sit in it, even to watch TV. So, we’ve already had to buy another!”

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#8. New York Chair Bed

New York Chair Bed

New York Chair Bed 2

Tired after a long tiring day at work or at home?

Need a place to just crash on for a relaxing nap?

New York Chair-Bed is your optimum key for comfort.

This 62 pounds adjustable seat is an epitome of style and will undoubtedly bring you at the heart of luxury.

It is upholstered in a premium PU Leather and, constitutes of; high density foam alongside removable pillow aimed for maximum coziness and steel legs for ideal stability.

It has an extremely easy to handle folding mechanism with chair dimensions of 35 × 31 × 28 inches, bed dimensions of 76 × 31 × 9 inches and a clearance of 2.5 inches between floor and the bottom.

Available in two breathtaking colors; white and black, the product has successfully emanated tons of satisfied customers around the globe.

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#9. Tri-Fold Folding Sofa Bed

Tri-Fold Folding Sofa Bed 2

Milliard presents its Tri-Fold Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed just for $99, making you able to save up to 17%.

We guarantee that you will adore the lounging capabilities of this versatile and space-saving sofa bed and it will instantly be your favorite seat at home.

Its features include; an easy conversion comfy sofa of 9 inches offering a sturdy support, a temporary thick balanced bed of 78 x 38 x 4 inches, top-notch quality mattress of 4.5 inches made of U.S.A. CertiPUR foam providing a supportive lift and a removable 3D mesh cover made of 100% polyester which is machine washable.

Remarks like “still as comfortable as the day we bought them” and “I am ordering another” serves as evidence that the product has articulated deep complacence among consumers.

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#10. Up-Lift Armchair

Up-Lift Armchair

Up-Lift Armchair 2

Calling Zipline chair just “versatile” won’t do justice.

It’s a rather small word because you will discover a whole new world of kaleidoscopic transformations in it from an ottoman to a coffee table to a chaise to a modern daybed.

This storage friendly couch is certainly a jaw-dropping invention and a wonderful addition to your household allowing you to relax in upright position or even lay all the way back for a quick snooze.

People, who don’t own it, don’t know what they are missing! It constitutes of a mattress liner with childproof zippers, a removable and machine-washable cover filled with comfortable, supportive, and highly durable polyurethane foam made in USA with a unique mechanism for easy operation.

In a nutshell, the modular attraction of this contemporary seating choice will satisfy even the most fastidious individuals.

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