Maybe you heard everyone is talking about flip chairs and you wonder what is it. Yeah, it is a chair that can be flipped. Because they can be flipped, that is why recently they are becoming so popular in the market.

If you are looking to buy one, then you are on the right place. I have a friend who is a chair aficionado. And the following list is his suggestion of the top 9 best flip chairs.

Top 9 Flip Chairs Reviews 2018

#1 Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat

Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review

By: Milliard

Why consumers love this?

  • Totally washable for its cover as it is 100% polyester
  • Comfortable and durable in any occasions
  • A multi-purpose sofa that can server as almost everything

Finally, this is what you are waiting for. Being a full side flip chair, this one can be used as folding mattress and sofa bed as you like it to be. Furthermore, either you like it simple or stylish, this one is a perfect fit because it is both stylish and simple. If you think I am sugarcoating it, you may click and check it right now.

Another positive feature for this is that it is suitable for many activities both indoor and outdoor such as video gaming, reading, watching tv, going on picnic so on and so forth.

And the last thing about this, it is very compact when folded and immediately become an XL size when unfolded.

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#2 Brand New Solid Color TriFold Bed White Foam Floor Mats

Brand New Solid Color TriFold Bed White Foam Floor Mats

By: Magshion Futon Furniture

Why consumers love this?

  • This product really provides what it says in the description
  • Sure to be suitable for both children and young adult
  • Good for those who want to reduce back pain

If you are the one who always care about the color and size of your flip chair, then you should look at this option. From Magshion Futon Furniture, this brand-new TriFold Bed or whatever you call it has many available options for you to choose. The first criterion is the size. Those sizes are Single size, Twin size, Queen size, and Full Size.

Another criterion is the color. As at the time I am writing this, there are 18 available colors for consumer to choose. Honestly, since this one is increasing its popularity days by days, I think if you want it you should just order it quickly before it runs out of stock.

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#3 Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s 2 in 1 Flip Open Foam Sofa

Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s 2 in 1 Flip Open Foam Sofa

By: Marshmallow Furniture

Why consumers love this?

  • Portable and easy for traveling
  • It is durable. Kids might play with it as they want, but this flip chair will remains in the same shape.
  • Lightweight and comfortable

By just looking at the image, we all know that this chair is customized for children especially for those who love these Disney characters. If you are planning to buy flip chair for your kids, this should be taken into your consideration. This flip open foam sofa allows your kids to create maximize comfortability in any circumstances whether it is watching tv, eating snack, or reading their favorite books.

With lightweight foam as its raw material, this one will always look cool in bedroom, playroom, living room, or where you want it to be.

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#4 Gray Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized

Gray Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed

By: D&D Futon Furniture

Why consumers love this?

  • Well-known for its sickness yet soft (because of 100% polyester)
  • The foam is actually thicker than many other chair in the market
  • Easy to fold and unfold – only 2 Velcro straps to work with

To be honest, my brother just bought this one few week ago. This made the list and got the 4th ranking because it is a quality-guarantee folding foam bed sized. Why? One reason is that it is actually made in our country, USA. It comes with 100% polyester which will provide you a maximum comfortability by giving a softness in the level you might never experience before.

If you want to relax and feel free like you have never before, you need to consider to have this one.

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#5 Urban Shop 784857577563 Corner Convertible Flip Chair, Black

Urban Shop 784857577563 Corner Convertible Flip Chair, Black

By: Urban Shop

Why consumers love this?

  • Multi functional for your uses.
  • Made from Foam cushion & soft ultra-Suede fabric
  • Easy to assemble

If you completely go through with this list, you will notice this one look a bit different from other. If you don’t really pay attention to its look you might say this one looks complex. But if you look deeper, this one is very flexible.

One of the main reason why it is ranked in the list is that you can use it with multiple functions. For example, it can be converted and open to flat cushion. You can also rearrange it and make it become two-seat flip chair.

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#6 Big Joe Flip Lounger, Pink Passion

Big Joe Flip Lounger, Pink Passion

By: Big Joe

Why consumers love this?

  • Very comfortable for sleeping
  • Adorable color for female young adult and kid

For those of you who love pink, this flip chair should be your favorite. If you want the one that is quality proven, then let consider to go with this one. Made from SmartMax Fabrice, it is very durable since it is resistant to water as well as stain. And yes, it is very easy to clean.

Last but not least, as the image shown above, you can use it for variety purpose with very small effort to assemble.

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#7 Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger Convertible Sleeper Bed

Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger Convertible Sleeper Bed

By: Best Choice Products

Why consumers love this?

  • You will feel like you are sleeping on a very firm foam
  • Quite comfortable and require no assembly
  • A bit smaller that can save your space.

Covering with ultra-suede fabric and made from a high-end foam, this is what you want to have at your home. This black flip chair comes with 5 bed position that you can easily fold and unfold.

If you expect a chair that can used in variety circumstances, then this one is just for you. I am very positive that you can use this for sleep-over, relative or guest visit, and other outdoor activities.

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#8 Your Zone – flip chair


By: Your Zone

Why consumers love this?

  • Comes with ultra-suede material
  • When unfold into a bed, there is one part remained folded and can be served as a pillow.
  • Require very little assembling

Your Zone flip chair can be folded as a flip chair and unfolded back as a bed. Because of its thickness, it is very durable as long as you use it in proper ways. If you are a color lover you might find this product nice since there are many colors available for you to choose ranging from solid colors to zebra stip.

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#9 Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair


By: Merax

Why consumers love this?

  • 5 levels folding design
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Very flexible and can be used under many circumstances
  • Good as it is portable for travel use

Okay, so the one of the list as the 9th is from Merax. You may call this one as a flip chair, a folding sofa, a flip sofa, a folding bed, a nap bed, or whatever you like because this one can act as everything. Cool, right? Yeah, sure. This is its uniqueness that bring this flip chair to the list.

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